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Charles Pearson, my Great Grandfather, left Sweden for America when he was 12 years old and worked his way from New York to Portland.  While exploring the Columbia Gorge he heard about a beautiful valley hidden at the foot of Mt Adams.  He visited and then quickly filed a homestead claim in 1883.  Since he was only the second settler in the valley he married the daughter of the first settler who was from Switzerland.  Together, Charles and Suzzy cleared the land built barns and fences, dug ditches and established a thriving dairy farm that produced butter for the towns in the Gorge area.  His son George, cleared the land of rocks, planted fruit trees, and continued milking cows while resisting the trend to use chemicals to farm.  George's son, Monte Pearson took over the farm in the 1970s and worked hard to save the land from developers who wanted to take advantage of the valley's natural beauty.  He became one of the first dairies in the Northwest to become certified organic in 1995. 

We started producing raw milk on our farm in 2015, continuing the business that my Father-In-Law Jim Lambert pioneered.  He introduced us to once-a-day milking and trained us in sanitary procedures.

We're very thankful for all of the hard work that our ancestors have done to make a wonderful place to live and work.  They are a reminder to us to be faithful with what we've been given.